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logoSuperCat™ Kitty Condos™ are the ultimate build-your-own place space for cats! 

Customize your set of Kitty Condos with tunnels and extra condos to build a unique habitat for your cat to explore. Bring out your cat's natural instinct of hunting, stalking and pouncing by hiding toys and catnip mice throughout your SuperCat Kitty Condo! 

The SuperCat™ Kitty Condo™ Ultimate Play Set comes with two condos, one tunnel and SuperCat™ Play-Activated Catnip Spray. Add-On Tunnels and Add-On Condos are also available to make larger sets! 

SuperCat™ Ultimate Kitty Condo Playset

Green Item Number: 20008 

Yellow Item Number: 20005

SuperCat™ Add-On Condo 

Green Item Number: 20009

Yellow Item Number: 20006

SuperCat™ Add-On Tunnel 

Green Item Number: 20010

Yellow Item Number: 20007


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